Opera Browser Beta 61.0.3045.55676 Steps Up Performance

Opera is a popular name in mobile browsers, mostly thanks to the desktop version of the program.

The company released the first version of the browser for desktops many years ago, and it rapidly turned into a hit.

That is not surprising at all – The browser is fast, reliable, and very simple to use.

After the rapid evolution of smartphones, the Opera browser for smartphones was released.

It brought many of the features we know and love today on smartphones – Offline navigation: You can download a web page and view it later on when your device isn’t connected to the internet anymore.

Another significant advantage of using Opera on Android is the app’s built-in data saver – It uses advanced techniques to decrease the amount of data used. Over time, that contributes to a decrease in data bills.

Opera’s incognito mode is one of the most advanced ones available out there. It features a built-in VPN that helps you stay away from pesky ads, spyware, and malware.

Current Version

The app reached version 61.0.3045.55676 beta. The newest version features Chromium 86 for guaranteed reliability and speed.

Installing the newest version of the app is very straightforward – It can either do it automatically as long as you let it do it by keeping the auto-update option enabled at all times. That also requires keeping your device permanently connected to a reliable network.

If the app does not update by itself, you can update it manually. You can do that by opening the Google Play Store app, searching for Opera, and tapping the “Update” button. The smartphone will take it away from there and install the update automatically.

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