Opera Browser Version 60.0.2973.54343 Beta Features Chromium 84!

Opera Mobile Browser is a popular choice among Android users. It is a direct rival to the likes of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

The app has a desktop counterpart that works in tandem to extend the benefits you get from using both versions.

Opera outshines other browsers thanks to its built-in data saver mode that compresses videos and web pages to load them faster and decrease data usage, which is very useful if you are concerned about the amount of data your device uses.

Opera is also one of the fastest web browsers available for mobiles. The only browser that tends to outperform it is Chrome.

The only downside to Opera is its seemingly convoluted interface – It’s easy to get distracted by menus at the top and the bottom of the screen.

Opera features other variants of the browser, too – Opera Mini relies on takes data-saving to the next level.

Opera Touch is optimized for one-handed use.

Security Advantages

The one reason why Opera is so famous is that it has a built-in free VPN that grants users a virtual IP, and then it does all the work automatically. However, you can’t use the VPN at the same time with the data saver mode.

Current Version

Most mobile browsers of the present rely on Chromium. The same goes for Opera.

The Android app reached version 60.0.2973.54343 Beta.

The official patch notes for the current app say that the app was bumped to Chromium version 84.

Chromium is so popular because it is incredibly efficient and reliable. It is the base of modern browsing for mobile and desktop alike.

The app can be updated from Google Play or other third party sources, but we recommend avoiding those.

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