Oven Sent to International Space Station for Experiments

Have you ever dreamed of easily eating cookies upside down and without feeling your blood flooding your head? Did you ever wonder what shapes would the smoke take where there’s no gravity from Earth? Did you ever want to catch food from the air easily with your teeth? Well, perhaps you should send a CV to NASA or CSA since members of these space agencies will experiment soon how it is to cook in space.

An oven has been sent recently to the International Space Station with the Cygnus capsule, so the astronauts will experiment the baking of cookies in space and see what impact heat and zero gravity will have on the shape of the cookies. The dough was provided by Hilton’s DoubleTree hotel chain, which hopes that the idea will make long-duration space travel “more hospitable”.

Anti-radiation vest and other unusual equipment sent to ISS

The Cygnus capsule has onboard a variety of other “toys” for the members of the International Space Station to play with, including car parts, and an anti-radiation vest. The shipment weighs about four tons.

Lamborghini has sent on ISS some samples of carbon fiber to examine the effects of space exposure.

NASA said in a statement regarding the experiment:

On future long-duration space missions, fresh-baked food could have psychological and physiological benefits for crew members, providing greater variety of flavor and better nutrition,

This investigation improves understanding of the process of cooking in space.

The oven is pretty normal since it works most like the electric toaster in many people’s homes, except that it will cook one single cookie at a time. After the baking of the cookie is finished, the samples are removed by the astronauts, and they will stow them on a cooling rack. After the cookies are cooled, the obvious comes next: they are eaten, but not until the astronomers will capture photos on them so that everybody will see the outcome of the experiment.

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