Particle X17 Is the Fifth Force of Nature, New Research Revealed

Since school, we find out that our Universe has four forces that are governing everything. But now, besides the gravity, the weak force, the electromagnetism, and the strong force, it appears that the fifth element could exist. Two months ago, researchers from Hungary had shown in a study the existence of a new particle called Particle X17. The particle was mentioned three years ago, but now is revealing to be more than they thought to be. Studying this particle, more information about the dark matter could reveal.

Talking about a particle that could rewrite the Standard Model of Particle Physics is something crucial. First, this particle must be verified and analyzed for more information. On the other hand, some scientists are skeptical about Particle X17.

The theory started from an experiment that happened three years ago from the same team of researchers. They experimented with radioactive Beryllium atoms, and the measurements from the study were strange. The team discovered a movement from the electrons and positrons in certain angles, which is not the same in the current physics.

New Research Found the Fifth Force of Nature in Particle X17

Moreover, from the experiment with the beryllium, the scientists thought that an intermediate particle is interfering. This particle has a mass of 17 megaelectronvolts, which means that it is more significant than an electron. They analyzed and saw that Particle X17 is not a fermion but a boson.

A fermion is the kind of particle that makes matter, while the boson is the particle that carries forces and energy. What is more fascinating about Particle X17 is the fact that 85% of the Universe’s matters are full of it. Also, the scientists detected X17 in the gravity even if it doesn’t interact with the light.

Finally, this kind of researcher will not be accepted that easy, many of the scientists are skeptical, and they are waiting for official measurements and information. Until more evidence about Particle X17 appears, then we are just hoping that this is at the same time, a gate for further discoveries.

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