Physicists Revealed New Data About The Early Universe

A team of physicists has developed a new study which sought to uncover more data about the origin of the universe, providing valuable information that may solve some of the most interesting questions related to physics.

It is possible to use the Standard Model of particle physics to answer why is there more matter than antimatter? Which are the traits and origin of the dark matter that is spread across the universe? How can we explain the symmetry observed in the force that links neutrons and protons together? These are a few of the questions that continue to puzzle scientists across all over the world.

The two researchers have presented an interesting take on the quantum chromodynamics, which may offer conclusive answers. For example, it is argued that the rotation of the QXD axion can explain the excessive amount of matter which is found in the universe, with the mechanic being classified as axiogenesis.

A new study on axiogenesis shed more light on the early Universe

The QCD axion is incredibly light and has been described as being almost a ghost. Millions of QCD axions pass through matter every second without leaving traces that can be observed with the naked eye. However, at a subatomic level, it is possible to spot telltale signs that can be traced.

At this point, it is essential to mention that the QCD axion hasn’t been observed directly. Still, the information offered by the study can serve as an important compass for future papers that may approach a similar subject.

Within the paper, it is argued that the QCD axion can solve three different dilemmas at the same time. It can be used to explain the strong Charge Parity symmetry, while also being a suitable test subject in the case of dark matter, and reveling valuable facts related to the matter-antimatter asymmetry issue.

The study has been well-received by the scientific community, and it will be published soon in a reputable journal.

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