Planet Formation Has Been Spotted for The First Time

Thankfully to those numerous and illustrious minds that this planet had and still has, humanity could learn a lot about the Universe and its evolution. We could understand how galaxies, stars, planets, and many other structures could form. Information is available for everybody, but few people are willing to grab it.

Gravity is one of the most important factors for why our existence is possible, and not only because it prevents our food from floating away from our plates. Gravity plays a crucial role in the formation of every planet, star, and galaxy from the Universe.

The AB Aurigae star enters the scene

The scientists used the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope in Chile for spotting the AB Aurigae star and the huge amount of gas and dust revolving around it. The star is located 520 light-years from Earth, and it’s about twice the mass of the Sun. They found a spiral structure within the swirling disk surrounding AB Aurigae. The spiral was generated by the formation of a planet. Gravity is gathering all that matter together.

Astronomer Anthony Boccaletti from Observatoire de Paris, who led the research, declared:

It takes several million years for a planet to be in its final stage, so birth is not well defined in time. However, we can say that we were likely able to catch a planet in the process of formation,

The research has been published in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics.

All objects in the Universe are affected by gravity. To convince yourself, you can put two tiny plastic balls in a basin of water. After several hours or minutes, you’ll see the two balls much closer to each other. That’s one of the numerous examples of how gravity’s effects can be seen in our everyday lives. In the end, gravity always wins!

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