Pokémon Go: We Know How to Catch Giratina and It Might Be a Bit Complicated

Giratina is now in Pokémon Go, and it appears in five-star raids. We’re all ready to capture it, but are we really that ready?

It is best known for being the mascot in Pokémon Platinum. It is believed to be the Pokémon devil, and it’s a counter to Arceus – you know, the Pokémon that created the universe.

Origin Forme Giratina can be captured, but only if you have a good tactic and you and your friends are able to form an efficient raid.

So how can I catch Giratina in Pokémon Go?

In order to catch this Pokémon, you will need to weaken it. Use moves like  Ice, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, or Fairy. But we do have bad news for you: it does not have any major weaknesses. It has a strong Dragon/Ghost-type, but none of it will be efficient – thing that’s possible when a Pokémon shares the same weakness.

Just make sure you don’t use Normal, Fighting, or Ground-type moves. It can get used to those really quickly. They will do some damage, but that’s about it.

These are the best counters for Origin Forme Giratina: Galarian Zen Darmanitan, Zekrom, Dialga, Mega Houndoom, Kyurem. They are all available in Pokémon Go now.

Keep in mind that Kyurem, Dialga, and Zekrom are part-Dragon types, and they will be weak when it comes to Giratina’s Dragon-Type moves.

The very best Pokémon to counter Giratina is actually the one that you already have. If you do not own these counters yet, but you do have a strong Pokémon in your collection, that has the right type move, then that is the one you should use.

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