PS5 and Xbox – The Quest To Hype Up Gamers For The Next-Gen Consoles!

When Sony introduced the beloved PS4 in November 2013, some international businesses made pre-orders and reservations plus formal lotteries. Others had to resort to endless queues. In all cases, gamers rushed to the stores to get their hands on the latest console from Sony.

The same repeated at the launch of the Microsoft Xbox One.

Over-demand peaked, limited supply was a significant problem.

Seven years later, as both tech giants are about to introduce their next-gen consoles, they both aim to live up to the hype they tried to build up for so many years now.

Many analysts believe that the next-gen console release will be the biggest the industry ever saw.

One of the main factor why that is so, is that live music, cinema, and sports, are no longer available as they used to be, while games are readily available and interactive, which will likely boost sales.

However, the industry faces new threats – namely, the cloud!

Cloud technology and internet connection speed improved, allowing people to download or stream games on their smartphones or computers and play them in real-time.

Sony’s CFO, Hiroki Totoki, explained how he feels like the real challenge is expanding the gaming universe in the long term.

Phil Spencer of Microsoft claimed that the numbers that concern him and he regularly checks aren’t console sales, but the number of players and how long they play games each day.

The more time you spend playing a game, the likelier you are to get caught in an ecosystem or start purchasing items or services that will help you play that game, so companies are eager to keep gamers focused on their products.

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