PS5 Preorder Deadline – All You Need To Know

If you are looking to preorder a PS5, we want to kindly remind you to do it soon to make sure that you are among the first to get your hands on the new console.

The deadline is coming soon, so you should secure your system as quickly as possible.

Dates And How Preordering Works

UK retailer ShopTo has granted preorder customers time until October 31 to place a preorder for a PS5.

In past years, ShopTo would automatically withdraw funds from registered cards. However, recent fraud protection measures prevent it from doing that, so customers must manually pay any required preorder fee.

If you don’t manage to pay the full preorder tax in time, the next person in line gets your console!

“Failure to pay by October 31 will result in cancellation of your confirmed for day one preorder, your console will be automatically allocated to the next customer in the queue, and we will be unable to reallocate the console to you.”

Also, ShopTo asked customers not to pre-pay for their preorders if they are not confirmed for day one.

If you didn’t get to secure a launch day console from ShopTo, then you might want to check your email and have your credit card readily available on October 31, as you never know when luck strikes!

Sony executive Jim Ryan claimed that the PS5 would be restocked on a regular schedule in the following months, as the company predicts that the PS5 will sell in higher numbers in the first fiscal year compared to the PS4.

Experience from past launches will help Sony predict the market’s requirements with high accuracy, meaning that there shouldn’t be any outages of the system.

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