Public Funds for The Search Of Intelligent Alien Life? What Astronomers Think

Common sense tells us that it’s practically impossible for Earth to be the only planet in the Universe that hosts life. The Galaxy could be thriving with alien life forms, and the most reasonable question is, “Where are the aliens?” rather than “Do aliens exist?”.

Finding alien life forms elsewhere in the Universe seems like only a matter of time. But also, judging by the tremendous distances between solar systems, there’s a good chance that humanity will never encounter the aliens if they exist. Therefore, the world should hurry up in the process and take the idea a lot more seriously.

Public funds needed

The head of one of the national observatories from the US, Dr Anthony Beasley, says that humanity should get more involved in the search for intelligent alien life. He also stated that the government should provide more support for such kind of initiatives, but instead, the idea has been ignored for decades.

Dr Andrew Siemion from the University of California, Berkeley’s Seti Research Centre, spoke for BBC about the upcoming involvement of the Very Large Array (VLA) observatory in New Mexico in the search for alien life:

We are now set for the most comprehensive all-sky survey [for extra-terrestrial intelligence] that has ever been accomplished,

We would like to see Seti transformed from a small cabal of scientists and engineers in California, isolated from academia to one that is as much an integral part of astronomy and astrophysics as any other field of inquiry.

Seti Institute will collaborate with the Very Large Array radio observatory in New Mexico for the upcoming project of sweeping the whole visible sky for alien life. This will be a world premiere and an efficient way of looking for signs of intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe.

Nonetheless, encountering highly-intelligent aliens might not turn out to be as exciting as we hope so. If we are alone in the Universe or not, the truth is that both scenarios can be equally scary.

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