Quantum Physics Gone Berserk? This Neutron Star has a Bizarre Magnetic Field

Another day, another stunning discovery made by astronomers. 2019 doesn’t want to end without providing us another new thing that will baffle the minds of all scientists. We all know that neutron stars are weird enough, but the Universe is full of surprises and far bigger than anyone could ever imagine.

A neutron star is basically the core and remnant of a supernova. It’s far more massive and with a bigger gravitational pull than most cosmic objects out there. But Russian scientists discovered something even more outrageously weird about a neutron star.

Magnetic field is shown only under a certain angle relative to the observer

A team of researchers from Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology, Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IKI), and Pulkovo Observatory discovered a very odd neutron star. Its name is GRO J2058+42, and hiding the magnetic field is its game. This neutron star’s magnetic field can only be detected when the celestial object is seen under a certain angle relative to the beholder.

This is truly surprising since astronomers knew until now that neutron stars can be grouped only into two categories: the ones with the magnetic field being obvious during the whole spin cycle, and the ones to whom the magnetic field cannot be detected at all.

Has Quantum physics gone wild?

Does this news of a hiding magnetic field sound familiar to you? We’ve seen a very similar principle before, but only at a much lower level. Atoms and photons can behave like that – they appear in many places at once when no-one is watching, but they stay ‘still’ when the beholder appears on stage. This phenomenon is also known as a superposition state, but nobody would have guessed that we can find a similar thing at a much bigger scale.

The discovery has been published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters.

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