R2 Games Releases New Html5 Version for Omega Zodiac. New Events, Rewards and Content Incoming

R2 Games is one of the most popular browser game platforms and has been adding a lot of games over the last years. The international game publisher now offers over 20 online free-to-play games, including the most recent titles Dragon Awaken, The Third Age, Firestone Idle RPG and Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming.

Earlier this year, R2 Games has announced that the developers have been working on ending older Flash titles and welcoming them in H5 version so that old and new players can experience these games. This takes us to Omega Zodiac, which was published on the R2 platform a couple of years ago.

Popular Flash Games Live on Through Their New H5 Version

Over 600,000 players have enjoyed Omega Zodiac since it got released as a Flash game. However, as Flash support will end this year, we shouldn’t say goodbye to the games we like. The new H5 version will bring not only improved image quality, but also a smoother gameplay.

R2 Games is also planning to add new events, free rewards and Divine set once the H5 version of Omega Zodiac is released. Let’s check out a few details about the popular ARPG browser game.

Omega Zodiac – Game Features

Omega Zodiac is an ARPG that offers a Greek and Norse mythological storyline, where players are the guardians of Goddess Athena. As a guardian, you will have to fight against your enemies, but you can only defeat them as long as you gather better gear.

This is where things get interesting: there are various set systems. The game has a Gold Sacred Set System, and 15 Constellation that comes with its own Sacred sets. Each Sacred Set has a Star map – a map that can be unlocked once players collect Sacred set components in battles and dungeons. The Gold Sacred sets will increase a player’s strength and their ability to develop their city and protect Athena. The appearance of each set also varies as it gets upgraded.

And talking about upgrades, there are also ways to enchant your equipment, upgrade skills and evolve other things, such as the Mount, Wings and Talisman, Goddess, Magic Circle, Elf and War Shield.

Among the many features of the game, players can enjoy a single and multiplayer experience, through PVP and PVE arenas, Competition Battlegrounds and more. As for fighting, there are nine Combo Skills, that can be automatically cast by the player – each combo will help you defeat certain types of enemies.

In terms of social features, there are Guilds in Omega Zodiac. Also, you can capture powerful Bosses or steal them from other players – this means the boss you captured can also be stolen. There are also other social aspects, such as joining your friends and grow in power, and fighting players in the Cross-Server Battles. You will also have to protect your guild castle.

Last but not least, Omega Zodiac offers amazing art and 3D graphics. So, without offering too many spoilers, if you haven’t tried Omega Zodiac yet, you can check it out on the R2 Games platform at www.r2games.com.

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