Rainstorms Would Be Both a Blessing and a Possible Curse for Australia

The long-burning bushfires across much of eastern Australia have ceased due to the so awaited rain. However, this blessing is also a risk of flooding in some regions.

Sadly, the majority of bushfires continued to rage in areas of the south of the country that were missed by the rain, which includes wildlife-rich forests on Kangaroo Island off the southern coast.

The fire crisis has hit the country’s most populated area, which is in New South Wales (NSW) state, according to the fire service. From over 100 a few days earlier, 75 fires continued to burn Saturday.

After bushfires, rainstorms hit Australia

“Rain continues to fall across a number of fire grounds,” said the state’s rural fire service, adding that “benign conditions” of rain and more cooling temperatures were supporting efforts to contain the outstanding blazes.

Queensland, a state in the North of Australia, was hit by harsh storms during the night time, making some flash flooding and road closures, but fortunately, there are no reports on deaths or injuries.

And looking at the modern history of Australian, you can see clearly that both states have suffered from one of the most prolonged droughts. Some regions encountered more rain Friday and Saturday than had fallen in higher abundance than a decade.

The uncontrolled fire continued to range in neighboring Victoria state and southern New South Wales. However, forecasters anticipate seeing rainfall in those states on Sunday and Monday. The news is raising the faith that some of those blazes could get under control.

Fire damages

The unprecedented has claimed the lives of 28 people over the past five months. The fire destroyed more than 2,000 homes, livestock on already barren farms as well as large parts of the forest and bushland in eastern and southern Australia.

On Kangaroo Island, the fires continued to rage in a big national park and make damages on the island’s population of koalas, birds, and other endemic marsupial species too.

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