Real Photos for Xbox Series X Finally Surfaced Online

Imagine a world where all your dreams become reality! That’s a reasonable way that someone would be boasting about the Xbox Series X next-generation console. It may sound like an exaggeration, but it’s not considering that the upcoming gaming gear will be equipped with a powerful GPU that allows video quality up to the 8K resolution.

Microsoft will release the Xbox Series X console in November, which means only about a month before another next-generation console: PlayStation 5. Both consoles will revolutionize the gaming industry forever, although they possess backward compatibility for most games of their predecessor consoles.

Real photos of Xbox Series X exposed at the Xperion e-arena from Germany

Be our guest to admire them in all their glory:

We can expect only the best from Xbox Series X, and this is what an official description writes:

Games Optimized for Xbox Series X will take advantage of powerful Xbox Series X features that make games look and feel incredible, including 4K resolution at up to 120 frames per second, DirectStorage, hardware-accelerated DirectX raytracing, super-fast load times and much more.

We’re expecting that 8K TV’s will become much more popular and cheaper in the near future, and connecting the new Xbox Series X to one of them shall be a true blessing. You’ll get to play at the highest quality games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Halo Infinite, FIFA 21, Cyberpunk 2077, Far Cry 6, Fortnite, Marvel’s Avengers, an enhanced version of GTA V, Resident Evil: Village, Watch Dogs, Legion, Forza Horizon 4, Dirt 5, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, Second Extinction, Scarlet Nexus, Outriders, Hitman 3, Crossfire X, Gods and Monsters, Gears Tactics, Destiny 2: New Light, MicroMan, Pragmata, Dying Light 2, The Ascent, and many more.

Being the successor of the good old Xbox One that was released back in 2013, Xbox Series X is condemned to convince us all of its tremendous gaming power.

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