Researchers Claim That The Universe Is A Quantum Computer

A couple of researchers from the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University in Russia offered a breathtaking view of the universe. The researchers took to the Matrix theory, which claims that we are living in a computer simulation and blended it with another approach that argues that there is a large giant of an alternate world. They concluded that our universe is a small part of a quantum computer that contains an innumerable amount of multiverses.

Most people who think about quantum systems will envision a quantum computer. These devices harness the power of subatomic particles to perform quantum calculations. While quantum computers are still at an early age, they have the potential to perform calculations that are impossible for regular machines that are used today.

According to the two researchers, all the objects that are present in the universe should be perceived as a quantum object. This means that we are already living in a quantum reality.

The universe might be part of a quantum computer

The universe itself is a quantum particle that features all the quantum properties, including superposition. By following this train of logic, it can be theorized that the universe could exist in more than one state or place at the same time, and it can interact with something, even if the exact details remain elusive.

Expanding quantum mechanics to larger objects is a bit daunting as the features will seem to make less sense as the size increases. A principle known as decoherence argues that quantum objects will go from multiple states into a physical state seen in classic observation. Still, it does not seem to be viable when a cosmic scale is used.

However, the researchers state that there is no such thing as decoherence since the theory of interacting worlds can be reinforced by math and other scientific aspects that appear to be more efficient when it is assumed that everything has quantum features.

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