Researchers found Signs of Alien Life Existing on Mars in The Past

If we look at all the other planets from our Solar System, it’s pretty peculiar the hypothesis that there’s no life on any of them. As we all know, Earth is thriving with millions of species of life forms, and we can remind ourselves of a very old principle that led ancient scientists to the conclusion that our planet cannot be flat as most people thought long ago.

The Ancient Greeks were looking at other planets and wondering ‘if those objects are round, why would Earth be any different?’. And now, in 2020 when everybody should be convinced that the Earth has a spherical shape (sadly, there are still people who believe otherwise), we can simply ask ourselves the following question: if Earth is thriving with life, why wouldn’t other planets harbor life forms as well?

Life in the Jezero crater of Mars?

A new Stanford study suggests that life could have existed on Mars’ Jezero crater a long time ago – the touchdown location of the next rover mission of NASA. Researchers started modeling the amount of time it took to form sediment in a delta deposited by an ancient river as it spilled into the crater. The conclusion was that if life once existed on Mars, signs of it could have been captured within the delta layers.

Mathieu Lapôtre, who is thee lead-author and an assistant professor of geological sciences, said the following:

There probably was water for a significant duration on Mars and that environment was most certainly habitable, even if it may have been arid,

We showed that sediments were deposited rapidly and that if there were organics, they would have been buried rapidly, which means that they would likely have been preserved and protected.

For sure, what or who created this magnificent Universe wouldn’t have done it only to create life forms on a single planet. The Universe cannot be created only for us. And the complexity of creation requires an intelligent source, regardless of how you’re willing to call it.

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  1. Nobody thought the earth was flat. Washington Irving made this up and ignorant people kept repeating it until it became an accepted “truth”. So the present day idiots are more ignorant than the ancient Greek, Egyptians and Arabs – all of whom knew the earth was round.

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