Rick and Morty Season 5: We’ll Meet This Character Again and We Are Not Ready

The release date for Rick and Morty season 5 is yet to be announced, but the show might be back sooner than expected. Adult Swim ordered 70 new episodes back in 2018. This means that the show will get season 4, and six more seasons – there will be a total of 10 seasons if they follow the same 10-episode pattern. 

The creators of the series, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, shared many updates about the next season of the series, and it seems that Evil Morty will be back. Here is all we know so far: 

So when is the release date? 

The production of season 5 has already started, and we have heard that the creators want to make the most out of their time during the lockdown. The fifth season will be here faster than the others, and we expect it to drop soon.  

They have talked about the long pauses, and the longest we ever had to wait was between the third and the fourth season. The creators assured us that it wouldn’t happen again. They are working on the fifth season, and it will be here soon. Even if they have encountered some problems with COVID-19, it will still take shorter than before. 

What about the plot? 

The script is already on the internet. Writer Jess Loveness was the one to prepare the scripts for five episodes. The fifth season will come with time travel, and Rick and Morty will go through different timelines and will probably mess things up, as usual.  

They also suggested that Evil Morty will be back, and an Interdimensional Cable will be essential to the story. We have seen Evil Morty in the previous season, where an alternate Morty was seen together with an army of Ricks.  


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