Rockstar’s Upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI: Here is What You Need to Know

We have recently been announced that Grand Theft Auto VI is getting closer and closer to an official announcement regarding its release date. As reported by Kotaku a couple of weeks ago, Rockstar is currently working on the final bits of the long-awaited game.

At the moment, Rockstar has reported that the company has worked at around 93 games for the past five years, but no official announcement has been made to state whether one of them is Grand Theft Auto VI. If the answer would have been a simple “no,” we would have wondered less about the upcoming features of Grand Theft Auto VI.

When will Grand Theft Auto VI be released?

Recent leaks have shown that the upcoming game will have, in fact, two parts. The impressive success that GTA5 has faced will probably not be as remarkable as that of GTA6. Predictions suggest that this game will probably be released during the upcoming two or three years. Additionally, GTA Online 2, or simply called GTA Online, will probably be released a couple of years later, bringing the same improvements as GTA 6.

Which features will Grand Theft Auto 6 bring?

In addition to this, all the accounts will be synchronized with each other, and all the users will be able to access any of the versions, and all the progress will be registered. Moreover, all the progress that one user has managed to acquire during the previous version will also be synchronized.

In the end, it is clear that Rockstar will bring the upcoming version of Grand Theft Auto 6 since we cannot keep playing the same Grand Theft Auto 5 when PlayStation 7 will appear on the market. At least, we can wait for GTA Online since it is said that it will bring the same impressive upgrades.

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