Samsung Galaxy A10 Review in 2020 On Sale

Samsung launched the A-series lineup in 2019, including entry-level devices and mid-tier ones as well. One of the more affordable smartphones of the A-Series lineup is the Galaxy A10, which has some modest specifications but is still decent and usable for the average user.

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The phone’s build quality is about what you’d expect from a budget Samsung model from 2019 – The body consists of plastic with a glossy finish. The stylish unibody design reaches the sides of the phone. Overall, the phone is light, weighing only 0.64 ounces. It feels nice to use it. Though it is a budget model, it certainly doesn’t feel cheap.


The Galaxy A10 features a 13MP rear camera. The fact that it features a single back camera kind of gives away that it’s an entry-level device since the rest of the A-Series devices feature dual cameras. The usual LED flash is present.

The front camera is contained within the V-shaped notch. It isn’t a spectacular module, capping at 5MP. The notch is arguably small.

Connectivity And Screen

Connectivity-wise, the A10 can host two SIM cards. The standard storage space is only 32GB, but you can expand it up to 1TB with the use of a MicroSD slot.

The screen is one of its strong points. It is a 6.2-inch IPS panel, with a 720 x 1,520 pixels panel that returns sharp images and significant brightness thanks to what Samsung labeled “adaptive display.”

The display is capable of efficiently adapting its brightness based on ambient light to improve efficiency.

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