Samsung Galaxy Buds vs. Google Pixel Buds 2 – Which One Should You Choose?

The world becomes a much more comfortable and enjoyable place with the use of a good set of earbuds. Whether you use them for listening to music, receiving instant translation for when you’re talking to a foreigner, or with some other purpose, such devices can always come in handy.

Samsung and Google both released some powerful earbuds to the market, and choosing the right ones can be a difficult process. That’s where we propose to help, by comparing Galaxy Buds and the Pixel Buds 2.


Google’s Pixel Buds 2 have some impressive capabilities. They have the real-time translation function from the first Pixel Buds, and they also assure hands-free access to Google Assistant. The Pixel Buds 2 also lets some ambient sounds in to help maintain awareness, although they don’t feature any noise cancellation. The IPX4 rated water protection is also worth mentioning, which we can’t say about the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

The Google Assistant feature is also found on Android phones, as it allows the user to verbally ask its gadget what to do for him. Whether the person wants to call a person, access a web page, set an alarm, or make a certain setting, the Google Assistant can grant his wish.

On the other hand, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds have some impressive features, too. It can use either Google Asistant or Samsung’s own Bixby A.I., depending on what the user prefers. We can also mention the adjustable awareness mode that allows the user to bring outside sounds into its ears via the microphones. There’s also a fully adjustable set of EQ controls from within the companion app. If you misplace one or both the Samsung earbuds, there’s a very useful “find my earbuds” feature that can help.

Google Pixel Buds 2 wins this round.

Battery life

None of the two earbud models can last for a whole day after a charge, and it’s totally normal. Furthermore, you shouldn’t normally use a set of earbuds more often than you do with your smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Buds can last for 6 hours during continuous usage, while the Pixel Buds 2 can only offer 5 hours.


Samsung Galaxy Buds have a clear advantage in this area, costing only $129 while the Pixel Buds 2 from Google cost around $179. So if price is a decisive criterion for you, you should choose Samsung’s ear buds.

Our conclusion is that buying Google Pixel Buds 2 is the right choice since it offers better features. But if you’re satisfied with what the Galaxy Buds have to offer and you want to save some money, buying Samsung’s device can also be a great deal.

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