Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus will be Different Than Anyone Expected

Plenty of beautiful and powerful gadgets had been released in the recent past by Samsung, like the Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S10, or Galaxy S20 Ultra. But the South Korean tech giant doesn’t want to stop, as the Galaxy Note 20 Plus is coming fast.

Samsung sent the Galaxy Note 20 Plus for China’s Compulsory Certificate mark (known as CCC), and thus confirmed some interesting info like the model number, 5G connectivity, and more.

5G connectivity

Galaxy Note 20 Plus will have the model number SM-N986, and there will be support for both 25W and 45W fast charging and an upgraded 5G connectivity.

We also have relevant info about the upcoming Galaxy Note 20 model of Samsung.  Some photos reveal something exciting about the rear panel of the future lineup of Not 20.  Therefore, there’s a huge camera module cutout at one of the corners, and it resembles pretty much the cutout found on Galaxy S20 Ultra phones.

Tipster Roland Quandt says:

“Here’s a fun one. This is a mold for an inlay for the official Samsung Galaxy Note 11 (Plus) LED View Cover. (Ignore the markings and the aspect ratio could be a little off, too).”

The leaked photos also reveal the curvature of the display. Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Plus have a radius of the curve that gets significantly reduced from the usual Samsung phones. Of course, it won’t be so sharp as it can scratch surfaces, but it’s still a significant difference.

Let’s be honest: everybody expects 5G support from the upcoming phones, as plenty of gadgets had already been equipped with 5G. Internet speeds become much faster and stable during a 5G network, and this adds a lot more comfort when it comes to live streaming, receiving traffic information extremely fast, and so on.

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