Samsung One UI 3.0 Beta Arrives for Galaxy Note 20 Users

Samsung’s latest interface enhances its availability, which means that Galaxy S20 owners won’t be the only ones who can enjoy it. The One UI 3.0 beta update grants the users the possibility of seeing something totally different on the displays of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra.

The One UI 3.0 beta is already available, and you can get a glimpse of the Android 11 operating system while using it. For this, you’ll need a Sprint, T-Mobile, or an unlocked version of the Galaxy Note 20. You’ll also need to sign up through a banner in the Samsung Members app. 

Don’t miss the SmartThings feature

Similar to a new feature brought recently by Google for Android devices, the SmartThings functionality available through the One UI 3.0 test release is capable of alerting the user when certain sounds are occurring around. If you cannot hear a ringing doorbell because you’re too busy listening to music, One UI 3.0 has it covered for you. With a strong alert appearing on your smartphone, you’ll know rapidly when something important is going on around you.

The numerous interface tweaks and practical features that One UI 3.0 brings are not to be ignored at all. Many of them aim to grant a significant vibe of what Android 11 has to offer. Even Samsung’s web browser will be enhanced, contacts, and more.

What Android 11 brings

Android 11 is the natural progression from Android 10, and the new operating system for smartphones has arrived on September 8. Google made some features from Android 11 available only for the Pixel series of smartphones. However, this move is not to blame, as it is completely reasonable to do as you want with your own operating system and smartphones.

Android 11 comes with interesting features, and they’re are all worthy of attention. Android 11 will slowly roll out for many phones in the near future.

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