Say Goodbye To All Your GTA Online Owned Properties

A new bug terrifies GTA 5 players who worked hard through the years towards building an in-game crime empire.

Many players reported some game-breaking problems with the newest in-game reward.

The concept of the new reward was simple – Players logged in and received a $500,000 gift.

Many unfortunate players were puzzled to see that the new bonus removes all their owned houses.

Imagine grinding for years to buy all the properties you want and see them become unusable because of a bug.

Some players believe that the seemingly random bug is a means of preventing people from abusing the bonus multiple times. However, even some players who only claimed it once reported the issue, too.

Community Feedback

Rockstar kept updating the game regularly during the pandemic so that players had a handful of activities to try instead of getting bored.

Players are simply devastated. They started sharing their experiences on Reddit. One of them posted:

“All my stuff is gone. Everything. Six thousand hours of grinding.”

Another one commented “I’m on PC Rockstar launcher and lost everything, but have enough money to rebuy everything I lost, but cannot rebuy anything I lost because the “game catalog” needs to be refreshed, leading me to believe my character will reset back to normal eventually.”

It is uncertain what is at risk of getting affected by the update. Some reported that their yacht purchases hadn’t been affected, but others said that all their vehicles went missing.

Still, some brave players aren’t afraid of playing the game, even if the bug proves irreversible.

Unfortunately, Rockstar hasn’t publicly addressed the issue yet, so the community is eager to learn what happened and how players can obtain their precious assets back. Rockstar will undoubtedly reveal a solution to the problem, but until then, maybe it’s best if you don’t log in.

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