Scientists are Stunned by a Newfound Galaxy’s Mysterious Beauty – How Could it Form?

Science managed to unveil a lot of secrets of the Cosmos in the last decades, but there still are plenty of phenomenons that for the moment cannot be explained by anybody.

For instance, nobody knows for sure what happens to the matter getting sucked in by a black hole, or how the Big Bang fully functioned. Science can’t explain for the moment what triggered the Big Bang, why the singularity had infinite energy, or how the laws of physics appeared. But we don’t necessarily have to go at such major scales in order to highlight the fact that science is far from being flawless. Hoag’s Object is another good example, a galaxy so beautiful that nobody can explain how it could form.

Nobody has ever seen something like this before

The Hubble Space Telescope captured a beautiful image of the Hoag’s Object, a so-called ring galaxy with a circle around the much denser area of stars:


The beautiful and strange shape of Hoag’s Object is actually pointing to the hypothesis that there could be actually two galaxies there, instead of one. The bright core might be one galaxy, and the ring – another galaxy. This theory is supported by the idea that between those two structures there are no other stars, but only utter darkness.

If it’s not true and we actually have one single galaxy, then what could have caused the removal of numerous stars between the core and the ring of less denser portion of stars is truly frightening to imagine. Scientists fail to come with a plausible answer.

Is anybody willing to bet on type 3 alien civilization? For those who don’t know, this is a hypothetical type of civilization so technologically advanced that it can control and take advantage of the energy provided by its entire host galaxy.

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