Scientists Came Up With The Most Detailed Lunar Map, Focused On Moon’s Rock Composition

The distant dark spots that can be spot on the Moon from a distance are merely the tip of the iceberg, as the satellite possesses an impressive geological diversity. A team of determined researchers has managed to create the most detailed lunar map focused on the rock composition.

Some may compare the result with an experimental painting as the Moon is covered in colorful spots that mark different areas. Scientists will have the ability to harness the new map for a variety of purposes, including the planning of new missions, as astronauts could pursue target areas.

People have been fascinated by the Moon since the dawn of humanity, and it has remained a topic of interest as science continued to evolve. The Apollo missions offered a significant amount of data about our silvery neighbor, but there are many questions that remain open and could be explored in the future.

The most detailed lunar map has been created

The lunar map has an impressive 1: 5,000,000 scale, and it was assembled by using data from six maps that were made during the Apollo missions, along with the newest satellite imagery. An advanced geographical software tied all the parts into a usable and comprehensive map.

Several details were taken into account as the team standardized the name of specific sites and rocks, age, and descriptions that use to differ when several maps were consulted. A significant amount of work was needed to complete this task, primarily since the source material employed different regional scales.

While the Moon features a crust, mantle, and core, it lacks the tectonic plates which can be encountered on our planet. Researchers want to learn more about it by observing the way in which it has involved in more than 4.5 billion years. It is already believed that the new map will be used in future projects conducted by NASA, including the Artemis initiative.

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