Scientists Know the Most Suitable Places to Look For Alien Life

Most astronomers believe that aliens exist for sure, judging by how unimaginable enormous the Universe is. But where exactly are they and why haven’t we met them yet? For a long time, some scientists have been suspecting that we could encounter aliens on our neighboring planet Mars. But the explorations made on the Red Planet did not bring any compelling evidence of extraterrestrial life dwelling there.

While we do know that little green men cannot be found on Mars and also nothing related to them, there’s a very slight chance that we can encounter aliens elsewhere in the Solar System. There are only four rocky planets including Earth, and two of them are way too hot to support life: Mercury and Venus. Therefore, the best option is to search for aliens on exoplanets, and scientists might now know exactly in what direction to focus their attention.

K dwarf stars might be the answer

A group of researchers presented at the 235th meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Honolulu their conclusion that K dwarf stars are having the biggest chances of hosting planets with life on them. K dwarfs are a type of red dwarfs, and they are smaller than our Sun.

One argument the team is relying on is that K dwarf stars have a longer and stable life than even our Sun, which we all know that it has at least a planet with life orbiting it. Another argument is that K dwarfs don’t release too much harmful radiation for life, such as X-ray and UV.

While we now know where to search for extraterrestrial life, we can just hope that much faster spaceships will be developed in the near future. If, by any chance, you’ve ever met an alien or you yourself are one, please let us know in the comments below!

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