Scientists Portrayed A Black Hole Merger With Different Masses

LIGO and Virgo are two gravitational wave detectors that proved incredibly in handy during the past years, reporting an impressive number of black hole mergers to the scientists. Recently, a new exciting discovery was made when the two detectors registered a particular signal of a merging of two black holes with disproportional masses.

The event was detected on the 12th of April last year, during the third round of observations at that time. The particular signal entitles GW190412 was located somewhere around 1.9 and 2.9 billion light-years away from our planet. The two black holes involved weight around 8, respectively 30 Solar masses, the latter being approximately three times bigger than the first.

This is the first time for scientists to register such an event since all the binaries discovered by the two detectors included black holes with almost the same masses. The discovery has permitted scientists to analyze Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, proving to be as accurate as always.

Black Hole Merger Was Identified, And It Surprised The Scientists

The leading researcher of this study, Frank Ohme, working for the Independent Max Planck Research Group has previously declared that it is for the first time that researchers discover an outer space phenomenon spreading gravitational waves on the rhythm and harmony of musical instruments.

The researchers discovered that for signs produced by unequal masses, it is of the utmost importance to register the overtones produced by the gravitational waves since they are louder than for regular occurrences. Therefore, this discovery has created the basis for future developments in this field. The gravitational theory was again confirmed since the massive objects create gravitational waves as they merge.

The first such system was detected in, and only four years later, the scientists managed to channel their efforts and determine a new black hole merger every week. Consequently, every detection allows humanity to learn even more regarding the exotic physics that are the core of the Universe.

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