Scripting Community Alive and Well during Persona 4

Persona 4 Golden makes its release on PC, but not the regular version. Oh no, we are not lucky enough for that. This time, a modder has uploaded a version online in which players can fulfill their romance with a character that they were not supposed to have a romance with. This whole situation arose after some discovered a voice line in the original Persona 4 Golden files into a scene where Yosuke admits his deep affection for the protagonist of the game.

The scene that was cut from the Persona series exactly because of the lack of explicitly queer relationship stories that was implemented in the game. In a video of the mod, one of the conversations showcases Yosuke admitting his feelings of love for the protagonist. The voice file is there, but, even with the mod, the written text simply does not match. Still, you can give the mod a try, just to see how the romance works and what voice Yosuke has when in love.

MadMax1960, the modder that dug through files looking for audio index numbers to make it easier for them to clean up its script. The modders are still looking into some possibilities of editing the earlier scenes at social link six, so that the romance can be led to a bit more progressively, instead of having it drop completely out of nowhere, just because of your character and Yosuke are on their tenth social link.

Personally, I am happy to see scripting mods happening in games such as Persona 4. The series has had issues in the past with its depiction of queer characters and sexuality. For example, Persona 5 even saw an edited scene with actual homophobic acts going on.

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