Shocking Hypothesis: Could We Go to Venus instead of Mars?

While companies like NASA and SpaceX are trying to find ways of terraforming Mars, this could turn itself to be impossible. Building an entire civilization on the Red Planet is a long-term goal, but the environment from our neighboring planet could be too difficult to be manipulated.

Therefore, we should look elsewhere for building a new home for humanity if it won’t work out with Mars. While some of the moons of Jupiter or Saturn can qualify for such a journey, some people had been considering Venus as a suitable option as well. We’re here to clear all doubts and prove them wrong.

The temperatures are sky rocking

Although Venus is called Earth’s twin due to its size and composition, our neighboring planet is frightening beyond belief. The more you observe it, the less you doubt the existence of Hell.

First of all, the temperature at the surface of Venus reaches 870 degrees Fahrenheit, which is so high that it can melt lead. The atmosphere of Venus is over 95% carbon dioxide, which makes it impossible to breathe.

The pressure is suffocating

The pressure in the atmosphere of Venus is 10 times greater than the sea level from Earth. But at the Venus’ surface, the pressure becomes 92 times greater. But there’s also the risk of cancer and other severe health issues if you somehow can land on our neighboring planet’s surface. By lacking a magnetic field like the one we have on Earth, Venus is exposed to high-energy cosmic radiation.

While the Soviet Union landed 8 spacecraft on Venus between 1970 and 1982, it’s still no compelling argument that astronauts could survive there. Humans should never go to a place like Venus under any circumstances. Therefore, Mars could be our only hope for ever be able of moving away from Earth. Technology keeps evolving, and it seems to have endless possibilities.

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