Shrek 5: We Finally Have a Release Date

Shrek 5 has been in works for quite some time. We know that it will be a very different story, so people are saying it is a reboot. Ever since NBCUniversal bought Dreamworks studios, they chose some projects and decided to go with them. Shrek and Puss in the Boots are all in the plan, given the global reach and the box-office.

We all know how popular Shrek is – it is one of the most popular franchise in the world, and all the movies, spin-offs, and theme parks have shown it. It is safe to say that Shrek 5 is one of the most anticipated projects at NBCUniversal. We have heard that they have hired new staff in order to work on the futuristic story. The pre-production work has already started.

Back in 2016, we were confirmed that Shrek 5 would happen when Chris Meledandri was hired to handle the production. Then, Michael McCullers was hired as the new writer, and he will give us a new story with the lovable characters. The script for the movie is written by McCullers, who has transformed our characters into something more modern.

The pre-production work has already started after they were done with the script changes. NBCUniversal is ready to start working on the movie, but they will probably do when things get under control with the pandemic. Such a movie will take about two years to be done, and then the actors will have to record the lines.

So when is the release date?

We finally have a release date! In September 2022, we’re getting the film. However, given the situation with the new coronavirus pandemic, the movie might be delayed, and we might get it in 2023.

We’ve heard that Shrek 5 will have a story that will connect the characters with the modern world. Rumor has it, Shrek will have to learn how to use technology.


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