Shrek: Things You Need to Find Out Before the New Movie Is Released

We all know the success of Shrek, and we cannot wait to see the new movie in theaters, in 2022, when it is supposed to be released, should all go as planned. But up until we’re getting Shrek 5, here are some things you all need to know before seeing the new movie.

The original concept art of Shrek

when it comes to the making of an animated movie, it is known that there are many artists who present their ideas on how a particular character should look. And Shrek was no exception.

There were four different artists who came to present their ideas for this character. One of them was Barry E. Jackson, and his version was very different than the one we know now. Shrek looked scarier and more disgusting, very different than the human-like version from the movie. The Shrek we know is more relatable and funnier, so we are glad that the team chose this version, but it is safe to say that Jackson’s version was a work of art.

It’s all about references

At some point during the movie, Shrek started to see that he might be more than just a scary ogre. It happened when Shrek and Donkey were on their way to Lord Farquaad’s castle. Shrek explains to Donkey that ogres are like onions. The explanation comes soon after: “Layers. Onions have layers. Ogres have layers. You get it? We both have layers.” This means that you have to peel those layers in order to see that there’s more than just what’s on the surface. This profound statement was inspired by a play, called Peer Gynt, written by Henrik Ibsen.

The walk of fame

Any star knows what an honor it is to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A lot of stars had this opportunity, but did you know that Shrek is also one of the names out there? It happened back in 2010, and the character we have all seen in 4 films has its own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Mike Myers was there, and he recognized how important the character is for children everywhere. He gave a speech, and we genuinely believe Shrek is the perfect character for this.

Donkey was Eddie Murphy’s Favorite Role

Every actor has a favorite role they have played. And Eddie Murphy sure has picked a great one to be an all-time fav – Donkey. And playing the funny character made him realize that this is the best work he has ever done. This means that playing Donkey in Shrek beats Detective Axel Foley in the Beverly Hills Cop and Prince Akeem in Coming To America. But we understand him. Donkey is everyone’s favorite character from the series.

Murphy said that no matter what roles he plays, he will always be remembered as Donkey. He even said that people know that role so well, that instead of a photo with him on the tombstone, it would be a picture of Donkey.

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