Sling TV at Its Best, Features and More Details

Sling TV is since 2015 the most flexible option for live television. It comes with many channels, and it is upgraded regularly. Users can try a seven-day free trial feature and test Sling TV before deciding upon it. From popular channels, videos-on-demand to movie rentals, the live television has it all, you only news a good internet connection.

Sling TV vs. Cable TV

What makes Sling TV so unique? Firstly, it is way much cheaper than your basic cable TV, and you can watch it on many devices, everywhere you want. Also, you don’t have to think of any contract or fees because you can cancel or resume the service anytime you want.

What Devices are Compatible with Sling TV

You can always check the Sling TV website to be sure that your device is compatible, but some of them are Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Select Smart TVs, Google’s Android TV, or Xbox-One consoles.

Cloud DVR Feature

The DVR option helps you not to miss a thing on Sling TV. It comes as a $5 feature per month, and it offers you an extra 50 hours of the cloud DVR storage feature. Roku users, however, get twice as much. Sling TV doesn’t have a limit to the storage limit of your recorded shows. It will delete, although, your oldest video that you finished watching. Choose the “protected” option if you want to keep your videos longer.

DVR is available only for the channels that support the recording feature.

Sling TV Packages

The live television comes with three packages designed perfectly for your preferences. Here are the options that you can find:

  • Sling TV Orange Package: $25/month, 22 channels (Disney and ESPN added), and restricted to a single stream at one time;
  • Sling TV Blue Package: $25/month, 35 channels (NBC and Fox included, without Disney and ESPN), and three streams at the same time;
  • Sling TV Orange+Blue Option: $40/month, Orange and Blue channels (all included), up to four streams, but only one for Orange.

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