Smash Bros. Ultimate: Steve Moveset Guide

Smash Bros. Ultimate features a new DLC fighter: Steve from Minecraft. Alex, Zombie, and Enderman from Microsoft are also available in the game in the form of skins. One thing all have in common is the moveset. The good news is that we now know a lot about Steve’s moveset. The video presentation that took place on October 3 shares a decent amount of details (including his Final Smash).

From the latest Smash Bros. Ultimate video, we know Steve will fight with basic as well as smash attacks, some even using Minecraft weapons:

  • basic attacks use a sword
  • smashes attacks use a sword
  • the pickaxe is for aerials
  • the axe is for forward-facing attacks. 

As you may already be aware, those types of weapons usually break in Minecraft, which means Steve will be left defenseless at some point. What can a weak punching move do? Therefore, a crafting table will appear at the beginning of each match in order to repair broken weapons. But the issue is that opponents (or even Steve)can attack the table as well. 

Same as the other Minecraft fighters, Steve can mine materials by pressing B. He also comes with a number of nice abilities, such as fire, dropping an anvil on enemies, and putting magma blocks in the air. His disadvantage is short jumping. However, if the player gets used to it and adjusts to the situation, it could do great things. 

Final Smash In Smash Bros. Ultimate

Steve comes with a number of specials. In order to summon a TNT block, the player needs to press down+B. By pressing Side+B, the player can build and ride a minecart (make sure to have the right materials in your inventory). To summon a glider, press Up+B. 

And lastly, Steve’s Final Smash can hit several fighters at the same time. However, only one of his enemies will take the most damage. He literally throws a massive piston at his opponents, knocking them back. However, one of his rivals will be sent into a house filled with creepers, and you know what that means. The house will explode while Steve enjoys a nice piece of steak. 

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