Space Tourism Is Closer To Reality Than Ever Before — Take A Vacation In Space

If you think about a vacation, maybe you should try Space! NASA has started a project where you can go into space. I know that this is like a dream came true, but there is a small problem, the price.
If you have 640,000$, then the problem is solved, for one night, because this is the price that you have to pay if you want to spend 24h in Space.

The US Space Agency announced that there would be no difference between an average hotel and a Space hotel.

You will have a residential area from where you can see Earth, there will be a research lab and will always be supervised by trained staff. Also, the hotel has rooms for four guests and two staff members. It also has private suites for couples. This sounds very interesting if you know what I mean.

Let’s assume that you’re a rich man, and money is not a problem. You can get a 12-day tour for only 9.5 million $, now that can be a tremendous experience, and I’m sure that there are a few people who can afford that.

Space Tourism Is Closer To Reality Than Ever Before

If you take option B, then you will see so many sunrises like you’ve seen a whole year, no less than 384 sunrises.

Bookings are already open, and you can pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. You have to deposit 80,000$ for reservation, and the money is refundable.

“We want to get people into space because it’s the final frontier for our civilization. We’re not selling a ‘hey, let’s go to the beach’ equivalent in space. We’re selling the experience of being an astronaut. We reckon that people are willing to pay to have that experience.” said Orion Span’s founder and chief executive officer, Frank Bunger.

So, If you decide to go to Space, you will live an unforgettable experience with the wealthiest people in the world, people like Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon, Elon Musk, Founder of Tesla, and the list goes on.

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