SpaceX Cargo Ship returns to Earth from International Space Station

The International Space Station is home to both astronomers and experiments in fields like astronomy, human biology, meteorology, and so on. There are five space agencies participating in the International Space Station program: NASA (United States), JAXA (Japan), ESA (Europe), Roscosmos (Russia), and CSA (Canada).

A Dragon cargo ship managed by SpaceX came back to Earth yesterday (April 7), after a successful trip to the International Space Station.

The cargo ship landed in the Pacific Ocean

The Dragon ship landed in the Pacific Ocean just off the coast from Long Beach, California. This event occurred only six hours after the ship left the space station.

SpaceX was very proud for finalizing their mission, as it showed by a recent post:

Good splashdown of Dragon confirmed, completing the 20th and final resupply mission for SpaceX’s first iteration of the Dragon spacecraft!

NASA spokesperson Leah Cheshier said:

The Dragon used in subsequent missions will resemble the Crew Dragon and will also automatically dock at the space station rather than require robotic action,

SpaceX has great plans

The space agency SpaceX was founded by Elon Musk for several reasons, but perhaps the most important one is reducing space transportation costs to enable the colonization of Mars. While building a colony on the Red Planet seems possible only in the far future, SpaceX still has plenty of exciting and completely feasible plans.

For instance, the space agency will offer people the chance to become space tourists by 2021. SpaceX teamed up with Space Adventures for launching a Crew Dragon spacecraft into orbit. The craft will be carrying up to four passengers that can consider themselves as space tourists. If nothing unpredictable happens, the tour will become a reality until 2021, and it was initially planned to last for a maximum of five days.

SpaceX is collaborating efficiently with other agencies, and we can’t be otherwise than happy about it.

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