SpaceX Closes 2019 With Another Successful Parachute Test For The Crew Dragon Capsule

SpaceX closes this year’s projects successfully by completing the 10th consecutive flawless test of the Crew Dragon’s Mark 3 parachutes.

The accomplishment keeps SpaceX on track for the first crewed test of its space capsule, leading the astronaut missions to the International Space Station (ISS). The company stated: “Yesterday the team completed the 10th successful multi-chute test in a row of Crew Dragon’s upgraded Mark 3 parachute design.” Also: “One step closer to safely launching and landing NASA astronauts.”

The company made public, too, that in October 2019, it began developing the upcoming Mark 3 parachutes for the Crew Dragon. The nylon bands utilized with the last design have been changed with Zylon, a steady polymer material. A team made such a thing at Stanford University.

SpaceX Closes 2019 With Another Successful Parachute Test For The Crew Dragon Capsule

The parachutes, as well, have various stitching designs to support the distribution of the weight of the capsule better. CEO Elon Musk detailed: “We think the Mark 2 parachutes are safe, but the Mark 3 parachutes are possibly 10 times safer.”

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine stated that the parachutes were a hurdle to develop, detailing: “What we need to have is consistent, repeatable performance. We need a lot of drop tests.”
With the recent success, however, SpaceX is very close to making public the first crewed project flights for its space cargo. SpaceX has also been developing the cargo’s launch exit system.

It utilizes engines that enable in the moment of a launch issue, transporting the shipment and the astronauts away from the space rocket and out of danger. A triumphant soil-based test happened back in November this year following a dismissed one seven months earlier. An essential in-flight test of the system could occur next month. Such a thing could open a new year of success.

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