SpaceX Crew Dragon Test Postpones Until Sunday Due To Bad Weather

Yesterday, we were getting ready for the most awaited test launch from SpaceX with its Falcon 9 Rocket and the Crew Dragon capsule. The test scheduled for 8 A.M had the purpose of demonstrating that the capsule is safe for astronauts.

SpaceX Crew Dragon Test Postpones Until Sunday

Even if these kinds of events happen rarely, the company wants to show NASA that they are ready for everything that could occur. Unfortunately, the company had to abort the test because of the bad weather.

The first test for SpaceX didn’t happen because of the bad weather that was today during the time of launching. The company has moved the date and time for the test to Sunday, January 19, at the same opening hours, 8:00 A.M EST, or 13:00 UTC.

According to their plans, the trial had to launch the Falcon 9 Rocket alongside the unpiloted Crew Dragon spacecraft today, January 18, at 8:00 A.M. the launch is happening from the Kennedy Space Center, the historic Launch Complex 39A, from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

You Can’t Mess with the Weather

Unfortunately, the test didn’t happen because of the winds and the rough sea from the area of the launch. SpaceX posted and updated the information on Twitter about the bad weather and the abortion of the mission.

But the company is optimistic and wants to go on with the test tomorrow, January 19, and hope for the best regarding the weather. SpaceX is determined to demonstrate that Crew Dragon is capable of carrying astronauts on board. In case of an emergency, they will parachute along the sea.

Finally, the Crew Dragon will not have humans on board, but it will carry two dummies for the test. If something comes up and the danger is imminent, the company has eight SuperDraco abort engines that are helping the capsule to be pulled out and land on the sea. You can watch the launching test live on the company’s homepage, starting with 07:40 A.M EST.

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