SpaceX is Building Starlink Internet Satellites at a Staggering Pace

Despite the warnings of experts that the Earth’s atmosphere could be crowded with satellites and thus jeopardizing the accuracy of space explorations, SpaceX is continuing with its ambitious plans of building Starlink satellites. The goal is to provide internet access for remote regions of the world, and the space agency is building satellites at an extraordinary rhythm.

SpaceX has already sent 422 Starlink satellites into orbit, but the American aerospace manufacturer didn’t even get warmed up. The final purpose is to build a 12,000-satellite mega constellation on the Earth’s orbit.

120 Starlink satellites built per month

The claim comes from SpaceX itself, as it boasted about taking its plan very seriously. SpaceX also declared for the Federal Communications Commission recently that it has invested a staggering amount of over $70 million for developing thousands of consumer user terminals per month.

With an interconnected network of 12,000 satellites, assuring high-speed internet from orbit to pretty much anywhere in the world shouldn’t be a problem at all. A United Nations report revealed back in 2017 that the majority of the world population is still offline permanently. Asia and Africa have the lowest rates of access to the internet, and this situation is totally unacceptable for the modern world where surviving without internet shouldn’t be an option.

Quilty Analytics founder Chris Quilty declared that Starlink manufacturing is unfolding at an unprecedented speed in the satellite sector. He said:

To put it in perspective, Iridium, which previously held the record for the largest commercial satellite constellation, was manufacturing satellites at the rate of about six satellites per month at the peak of production,

The whole infrastructure of the modern world is run by computers nowadays, which means that being online is a ‘must’. The internet improved our lives tremendously, and it will keep doing so if it’s used wisely.

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