SpaceX Is Taking Over Space with its Starlink Constellation

If we are thinking that only on Earth, things are growing so much, we must look up in the sky. We humans started to have a lot of space activities more than ever, such as satellites and spacecraft. SpaceX is one of the companies that it’s covering fast the space thanks to its first 60 Starlink satellites. At the same time, NASA is helping a lot of companies to start and launch many missions in the area for more exploration. Let’s talk about all the novelties and changes that happened.

First of all, SpaceX launched its 60 Starlink satellites this week. The reason behind SpaceX Starlink satellites is to have in space around 300 to 400 satellites for commercial service. These satellites will cover the U.S and Canada services next year.

The second company that is taking over space is Rocket Lab. The company has in plan to increase the performance on launches. Rocket Lab has a new robot named Rosie, which is launching a vehicle twice in 24 hours. This robot is performing the old manual work for processing the Electron carbon composite. This process is made usually in hundreds of hours without the robot.

Going on with the novelties from or to space, another company, Virgin Galactic, is training customers who want to go to the area. The company is offering training to all the customers that are booking space trips. Besides this, Techstars is one of the companies that launched another space accelerator after having a couple already. The novelty is that this time, the accelerator is not only theirs but in partnership with the U.S Air Force and some government from The Netherlands and Norway.

Finally, NASA is behind many companies, so is the case of Stingray robots. Also, Jeff Bezos from Blue Origin has a multi-partner team, including Draper. They are planning a new lunar lander and the delivery mechanism.

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