SpaceX Just Launched 58 More Starlink Satellites

SpaceX has successfully launched its rideshare mission into the orbit on June 13. They got 58 new Starlink Internet satellites in space, together with another three Earth-observation satellites. Then, they successfully land the Falcon 9 rocket at sea.  

 It was a clear morning, with a clear sky above the launchpad at the Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. People who wanted to watch the launch got to see an awesome event. The glow from the engines of the rocket was visible just well after they launched the rocket at 5:21 a.m. EDT. 

Onlookers were able to clearly see the resulting cloud after the launch of the rocket, which appeared to be a nebula hanging in the sky. 

SpaceX has a goal in its mind

The launch is the second Starlink Mission, which takes place this month. They also have to plan another onewhich is scheduled for June 22. SpaceX simply wants to take advantage of its fleet and of the Falcon 9 boosters – they want to reach a record of four times in June. 

And due to the fact that the sky was so clear, the landing burn, which allows the rocket to land safely on the drone ship, was visible from the launch site, 600 kilometers away. 

And today’s mission used a veteran member of SpaceX. We are talking about the Falcon 9 – his first stage already had two flights done before today’s mission. And its appearance was not as good as the original one, because of the previous trips through the atmosphere.

The first stage of the Falcon 9 was also added in today’s mission, and he’s now a three-time flyer – since it has launched two SpaceX robotic resupply missions to the ISS – CRS-19 in December 2019 and CRS-20 in March of this year. 


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