SpaceX Launches The GPS 3 Satellite For The US Space Force

SpaceX succeeds in hitting another milestone with the development of its upcoming mission. The third satellite of the GPS 3 reached Cape Canaveral Space Force Station on February 5. The satellite will need some final examinations and checkout before its scheduled liftoff in April. It will place aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 spacecraft. The GPS 3 was drifted from Lockheed Martin’s manufacture group in Colorado aboard a US Air Force C-17 shipload aircraft.

GPS 3 Will Perform a Second Launch

The Missile Systems Center and the US, Space Force Space, stated that the upcoming steps are to get ready the GPS 3 SV-3, dubbed Columbus after famous Italian explorer. The first stages include combustible charging and fairing encapsulation before it’s horizontally united with a Falcon 9 liftoff spacecraft.

“The delivery of SvO3 marks the start of our second GPS 3 launch campaign on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and brings us another step closer in advancing the GPS constellation with more capable satellites,” explained chief of SMC production, Col. Edward Byrne.

SpaceX and the US Space Force

The April liftoff will mark SpaceX’s second GPD 3 project and its second one awarded under the National Security Space Launch application. The company prepared a brand-new Falcon 9 Block 5 supporter for this project. Also, Lockheed Martin must develop up to 32 GPD 3 satellites according to the contract.

Back in January, SV01, the first satellite of the GPS3, named Vespucci, was listed as active by the US Space Force 2nd Space Operations Squadron. Its successor, SV02, dubbed Magellan, lifted off in August with a United Launch Alliance Delta 4, has done on-orbit testing and waits to be placed into one of the 31 GPS satellites currently under development. Then, we’ll witness the April launch of SV03 and the following phases that will occur. SV05 to SV09 are in different stages of production and testings.

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