SpaceX’s Mission to Mars Detailed by Elon Musk

Elon Musk wants to be sensational and realize the most remarkable things that a man can do. He is revealing new plans about SpaceX, about new missions, and Mars. Now, the most fantastic idea that Musk has is to send a million people on Mars until 2050. Even if we don’t have and see a prototype for the next generation of a spacecraft that can transport humans, Musk has big plans.

Musk is announcing a lot of his plans on Twitter when it comes to SpaceX’s future missions. He is hitting big because Musk will not settle with a few astronauts send on Mars. SpaceX CEO wants to send around one million people on Mars with one hundred Starship spacecraft.

The plan is to carry about 100.000 people with the one hundred probes in one year. Every time Mars will have the orbits align, SpaceX will send people to it. If everything goes as planned, Elon Musk will go on with his mission until 2050.

Elon Musk is confident that SpaceX’s mission to Mars will be successful

If you think that Musk is just dreaming and speaking for marketing, then no. The CEO has his math well done when it comes to people, duration, and spacecraft. Musk is saying that our planet and Mars are getting close at around 26 months.

That means a distance of 55 million kilometers. Knowing this information, SpaceX will load 1.000 Starship with people and send them into the orbit with months before. The spacecraft will orbit around the planet and will land when the time is right.

Finally, things will not be that simple and easy as it seems. Until the people touch Mars, a period, like months, will be on board. What could sound very funny is the fact that Mars will offer jobs for people. This means that Elon Musk is sending at the same time people that don’t have money, but they can do tasks on the planet instead of the loan.

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