Stabilize Your Videos with the Help of Warp Stabilizer in Adobe Premiere Pro

One of the most essential and efficient video editing tools is beyond the shadow of a doubt Adobe Premiere Pro. Learning the inner-workings of this app is not a hard task. The difficulty comes when understanding the impressive number of tools and options it features.

How to stabilize your videos with the help of a warp stabilizer in Adobe Premiere Pro?

Place the raw footage in the designated space to create a sequence and select the part you want to stabilize. The Warp function can be found in the Distort option of the Effects panel. Another option would be to search for the warp stabilizer in the search box. Double-tap on the tool to apply it to the designated area or simply drag the icon of the instrument in the timeline.

How to stabilize videos that have experienced sped up/down?

Select the video in your timeline that needs to be repaired and choose the option “nest” from the list, which allows you to create a nest sequence. Then, the selected part of the video will turn green. This is where you need to use the stabilizer tool, as it was mentioned before. The stabilizer time to proceed with this request depends on the length of your video. Should you need to adjust the stabilization, you can use the smoothness parameter.

Stabilizing the shaky videos is of paramount importance when it comes to editing your work. You can instantly stabilize a video using Adobe Premiere Pro, which has the “Warp Stabilizer” tool. This option is useful for both landscape and portrait footages, depending on the scaling selected.

For example, should you wish to match a portrait shot with the aspect ratio of a landscape move, the warp stabilizer would most probably not work. However, while processing videos that were shot in the same orientation format, Adobe Premiere Pro will be your greatest asset.

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