Star Wars Squadrons Release Time and More

Star Wars Squadrons is a new game from EA coming out on Friday, October 2, 2020. As yet, the game has satisfying reviews, which is making fans even more eager to try it out. Positive rates attract more players, but I’m sure the true franchise fans are more curious than ever. And for good reasons, they are excited about this game because it also includes Virtual Reality support. Not to say, EA is also known for its unique games.

The upcoming game will soon be available on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms. Another great thing about its soon arrival is the fact that it will reach all platforms on the same day. However, time may differ from one platform to another. Star Wars Squadrons will go live at midnight at 0:00 am local time on the PS4 and Xbox One platforms. However, PC players need to wait until midnight at 0:00 UTC time.

A team support member announces the possible time for the United States release. The soon to play Star Wars Squadrons might be playable around 5 pm PDT in the United States.

“Pilots! A lot of the community has been asking about specific launch times for #StarWarsSquadrons.

“If you’re playing on Steam or Epic, you will be able to access the game globally at midnight UTC. Every other platform gets access at midnight based on your respective region,” confirms the spokesperson.

The great thing about the upcoming game is that it features different game modes. Besides the single-mode, players can also play in groups, which makes the game more fun, at least in my opinion. Space needs to get ready for some serious action. I’m sure fans can’t wait to stir some interstellar trouble.

The Star Wars franchise is just epic. Even, now after all this time, people are excited about anything involving the series. Therefore, prepare your team. Get ready for an intergalactic war!

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