Stargazers, Get Ready For The ‘Flower Moon,’ The Supermoon Of May

On the 7th of May, a new supermoon phenomenon will delight the skywatchers. The Supermoon is commonly referred to as the Flower Moon, having a series of other names that are trying to underline its meaning. The “Milk Moon” or the “Corn Planting Moon” is announcing the arrival of spring.

Native American tribes have given a name for all the Supermoon phenomena throughout the year. Even though the names of these moons differ from one tribe to another, most of them state that there are 12 of 13 such occurrences per year. After their implementation, the Colonial Americans have adopted these names as well. This year are scheduled 13 such appearances of the Moon.

Full Moons are perceived by a period of spirituality and high energy. The Flower Moon has even more meaning than any other moons, bringing a feel of magical power to the phenomenon. Therefore, those interested in experiencing the use of crystals and stones might find this period highly suitable.

The Supermoon of May

Traditionally, May is the month of fertility, which gives to the Full Flower Moon specific magical attributes. This year, the Full Flower will reach its peak on the 9th of May. In addition to this, the night will bring a Supermoon as well, making it the third time this phenomenon occurs throughout the year.

The exciting fact about Supermoons is that the lunar surface seems closer to the Earth, given its changing orbit. Usually, it is positioned 238.000 miles away from our planet, while this time, it would reach 221.000 miles. This particular behavior of the orbiting trajectory is determined by Moon’s oval orbit around our planet.

Apart from this upcoming Supermoon, the phenomenon will re-appear eight more times during this year. The next one is scheduled on the 5th of June, that being the Full Strawberry Moon.

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