Stranger Things: What Will Happen in Season 4?

Stranger Things is one of the best series out there from Netflix. So far, we got to enjoy three seasons, and it seems the show is getting even better. One of the main reasons why the series is so successful is that there are so many unexpected things that happen in the plot. It’s full of emotion, which is also a reason why it’s a very good series. We will get a fourth season, which is probably going to meet the expectations, just as the other three did.

We know that a lot of things have happened in the third season and we have a lot of questions and no answers. We will probably get all of our answers in the fourth season. We don’t know what happened to Hopper, and they left us thinking about whether he’s dead or not. And right now, we don’t know much about it. What about Eleven, what is she going to do? We cannot wait to find out more about her fate.

So when is the release date of the fourth season? 

Right now, we don’t know much about the release date of the fourth season, but we can take a look at the patterns used up until now. The series was released back in July 2016, and it was renewed for a second season. This one made its appearance in October 2017. Then, the third season was released in July 2019. So if we are to follow the same pattern, then we expect the fourth season to hit the streaming service in September or October. However, due to the new Coronavirus outbreak, there might be some delays.

David Harbour did tell fans that the series may be pushed ahead. However, he did confirm that there will be the fourth season of Stranger Things.


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