Study Shows That Male Animals Live Less Than Females

Many people say that women live longer than males and that saying has been taken to the next level by a team of scientists who discovered that female mammals tend to live longer than their male counterparts.

The Study

The team from the Biometry and Evolutionary Biology Laboratory analyzed 101 different species of mammals to formulate a shocking result.

Jean-François Lemaître led the team which created the most advanced study of this kind in history.

The study revealed that, in the animal kingdom, female mammals live 18.6% longer than males. That is surprising considering that, in the case of humans, women tend to live about 7.8 longer than men.

However, that percentage strongly depends on the geographical region and other factors.

That might be the most definitive study of sorts ever, as previous studies showed inaccurate results due to a smaller specimen count.

Human Data

The phenomenon is even more prominent in supercentenarians – people who are older than 110 years of age. Only one out of ten supercentenarians are men.

The phenomenon of longer-lived women has been observed since the mid-18th century as it is still manifesting. It might have displayed for many previous centuries, but the lack of accurate birth records makes it hard to say precisely, according to Lemaître. He also added:

“While social factors reinforce the gender gap in longevity, the greater survival prospects of women over men are observed even when both sexes share the same social habits.”

He also believes that the gap in lifespan between women and men is one of the most robust features of human biology.

It turns out that there are significant differences in the manifestation of age-related diseases between men and women. The differences are becoming increasingly visible thanks to the continuously growing aging population.

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