Supermassive Black Hole In The Center The Milky Way Could Have A Companion

In the center of the Milky Way resides a supermassive black hole that is quite impressive. A new article published by a team of researchers infers that it may not be alone. The supermassive black hole could have a companion, as such pairs are quite often in the universe.

The Supermassive Black Hole In The Center The Milky Way Could Have A Companion

Many researchers continue to remain fascinated by the intricacies which surround black holes. Supermassive black holes and the solar environments that can be found around them represent some of the most extreme zones within the universe.

The supermassive black hole found in the heart of your galaxy is known as Sgr A* and has a mass that is up to 4 million times bigger than the Sun. It is well –known that a black hole exerts a gravitational pull so powerful that nothing can escape it, even light.

Previous research of the dense clusters of stars that can be found around supermassive black holes allowed the researchers to measure their mass and influence. In the case of Sgr A*, the researchers have been analyzing data for over 20 years, monitoring the orbits of the mighty stars.

The Study Revealed That A Second Supermassive Black Hole Might Exist Next To Sagittarius A

By harnessing select data, the team of researchers argues that a second black hole could be present near the supermassive one, and it has a mass that it is at least 100,000 times bigger than that of the Sun.

It is thought that supermassive black holes are present in most galaxies, a phenomenon that remains puzzling in the long run. The idea of them being accompanied by a smaller black hole is a theory that has started to gain more traction in recent times.

Since galaxies tend to collide, the smaller black hole may be the remnant of a former galaxy that was consumed by a bigger one. The two black holes will orbit each other while each exerts a powerful gravitational pull on nearby ones. The article was published in a scientific journal.

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