Supermassive Black Holes Discovered Traveling Through Some Dwarf Galaxies

Scientists wanting to get better the mechanisms that made massive black holes in the early history of the Universe have gathered new details. They did that with the finding of 13 such black holes in dwarf galaxies no more than a billion light-years from our planet.

Those cosmic features, more than 100 times less significant than our galaxy, are one of the smallest galaxies noted to host massive black holes. Scientists assume that the black holes in those smaller galaxies are approximately 400,000 times the structure of Sun.

Amy Reines from Montana State University stated: “We hope that studying them and their galaxies will give us insights into how similar black holes in the early Universe formed and then grew, through galactic mergers over billions of years, producing the supermassive black holes we see in larger galaxies today, with masses of many millions or billions of times that of the Sun.”

Scientists found supermassive black holes traveling through some dwarf galaxies

Reines and her team utilized the National Science Foundation’s Karl G.Jansky Very Large Array (VLA) to realize the process. Moreover, they also handled VLA to find the first massive black hole in a dwarf starburst galaxy back in 2011. That finding was something unexpected to them and encouraged a radio hunt for more.

The researchers began by picking a sample of galaxies from the NASA-Sloan Atlas, an encyclopedia of galaxies realized with noticeable-light telescopes. They selected galaxies with stars measuring less than 3 billion times the volume of the Sun, about equal to the Large Magellanic Cloud (Milky Way’s companion).

From there, they chose parts that also surfaced in the National Radio Astronomy Observatory’s FIRST test, started in 1993, and ended in 2011. Reines detailed: “The new VLA observations revealed that 13 of these galaxies have strong evidence for a massive black hole that is actively consuming surrounding material.” The researchers stated that such a thing shows that the galaxies could merge with others in the beginning.

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