meteorite explosion

Stargazer Spotted Intriguing Meteorite Explosion Over Oregon

An amateur stargazer was lucky enough to spot the exact moment a fireball hit the sky, discharging a fantastic bright aura. Wade Earl from Oregon captured a meteorite explosion during…

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Groundbreaking Study Suggests That Ancient Life On Mars Was Possible

A recent discovery has caught the attention of astronomers after a meteorite discovery has demonstrated a particularly increased intake of nitrogen. The outer object is 4 billion years and contains…

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Tomanowos Meteorite

Tomanowos Meteorite Is As Old As The Earth Is

The Williamette meteorite, known as the Tomanowos according to its ancient name, is believed to have arrived on the Earth directly from heaven. The 15-ton rock was found by the…

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Scientists Found The Impact Crater Of A Massive Meteorite That Hit Earth 800,000 Years Ago

Earth was hit by one of the largest known meteorites almost 800,000 years ago. The exact location of the crash remained elusive for a long time, but the situation may…

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